Focus Simplexa NATtrol

They represent the preferred industry standard for molecular diagnostic testing and can be used as independent (third party) quality control materials. NATtrol products are prepared from purified microorganisms that are grown in cell culture, in microbial culture, or isolated from the plasma of infected individuals.

NATtrol treatment modifies surface proteins and makes organisms non-infectious and stable in the refrigerator while retaining the complete genome. Inactivation of the organisms is verified by the absence of growth invalidated infectivity tests based on tissue cultures or in validated growth protocols (as appropriate)

  • Non-infectious and stable in the refrigerator
  • Purified and intact organisms
  • Comprehensive process controls to monitor extraction and amplification steps
  • Available in different formats (one or more analytes)
  • Can be used on various molecular assay platforms and analyzes
  • Traceable to WHO international standards (if applicable)
  • Shelf life of 12 to 24 months
  • Extensive coverage of patents * and/or pending patents

Frequent use of NATtrol controls can be used to:

  • Train and supervise laboratory staff
  • Assess lot-to-lot consistency of test kits and test reagents
  • Monitor daily variations in reported results
  • Provide an impartial and independent assessment of the competence of the tests
  • Provide consistent, reliable, and accurate quality control solutions
  • Help identify lab trends